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"Birds fly, fish swim, and children play."  -Gary Landreth

Childhood is an essential time to build healthy relationships, explore interests, and learn to cope with life stressors. Some youth, however, have difficulty managing anxiety, depression, grief and loss, family problems (i.e., separation and divorce), and other transitions. 

Don't wait to get help. Enrolling your child in therapy can be a big decision, and you are your child's greatest advocate for getting the services he or she needs.

To screen for mental health issues

Play therapy will provide your child an open space to process, explore, and work through emotional and psychological problems.

Oksana Thompson is a Registered Play Therapist, and she uses child-centered play therapy to help children process and cope with life stressors and family transitions, such as separation and divorce, grief and loss, trauma and abuse/neglect. Her goal is to assist your child in regaining a sense of control in his or her life, practice healthy decision making and self-responsibility, and learn effective coping skills to manage emotional and mental health challenges. Oksana emphasizes working closely with caregivers to provide essential tools that may make a difference in you're child's life.

Oksana's areas of specialization & focus include:




Family & School Stressors

Parental Support & Coaching

PTSD & Trauma

ADHD & Behavioral Issues

Play therapy is a developmentally appropriate approach that is effective in helping children overcome behavioral, emotional, social, and psychological challenges. 

To learn more about play therapy 

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